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St. Dorothy Catholic Community
  "A Different Kind of Catholic"
Orlando, FL
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We have continued the reformed true Catholic Tradition in the Spirit of the Ecumenical Councils!
Are you divorced, gay, “a recovering Catholic”, feeling disenfranchised by your present worshiping community
of whatever denomination, looking for a small worshipping community where you are known and not
lost in the crowd? 
Then you have found what you are looking for in St. Dorothy Catholic Community!

 St Dorothy Catholic Community is a member of the
       Diocese of Mary, Mother of Hope of the National Catholic Church of North America

Respectfully NOT associated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando

Mailing Address: 14724 Vamora Drive, Winter Garden, FL 34787-9342

Email us for information and Prayer Requests at


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Every Sunday at 11:00am
St. Matthew's Tavern
1300 N Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32885
See Map and Directions bottom of this page
January 22 - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
11:00 AM
Fr. Jim - Celebrant
January 29 - 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time
11:00 AM
Fr. Jim - Celebrant

We are members of the Body of Christ, a Eucharistic and sacramental community who celebrate Love Without Judgment flowing from Catholic Apostolic tradition that is theologically sound, visionary, progressive and evolving.

We hold being accepting, affirming, inclusive, forgiving, and healing to be our core values.

adopted by the National Catholic Church of North America September 17,2011
Same Sex Marriages  (Marriages in General)

We at St. Dorothy Catholic Community have always officiated over the public commitment and expression of love for ALL COUPLES no matter what the make-up of that couple may be. With this new ruling, we are here to be the officiant for ANY COUPLES who wish to have their expression of love done in the "Catholic" tradition be it a Ceremony or at the Liturgy (Mass). Please go to our "Celebrating the Sacraments" tab for more info.
To:1300 N Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32885
Number and Street:
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September 15, 2015
Before the Visit of the Bishop of Rome, Francis

So much division, hatred, and hard-heartedness in our world today. So much polarization and zenophobia and other phobias that have gripped us to the very core of our being. So much fear and distrust in one another, even in our friends and acquaintances. And so many unknowns that scare us.

And so, this Christmas season cannot be just like all the others in our past that were mere fleeting moments of a pretend holy peace. Today’s peace seems to image that of the Pax Romana, a forced peace that really didn’t exist. This is the type of “peace” that our messiah was born into. This is still the same type of “peace” that we seem to have today – fake, narrow-minded, manipulated and forced.

This year’s Christmas must be a call to action, but not just a call, but rather actual action to live the peace that our Infant Saviour brings to us. Even from the moment of his birth He created controversy and fear in those who chose not to believe. He came among the poorest of the poor in a borrowed stable to witness to both the rich and the poor. He caused the death of newly born male infants that instigated a fear that even forced his own family to flee as refugees to a foreign country.

And so we cannot make this Christmas just like all the others with calls to action that fall short of action. And we need to deliver a message that is filled with hope that actually gives hope instead of the little hope given year after year, never to be realized by our actions.

Church must be a place where action begins, not just verbalized. Church must be a place that removes its walls of protection from outside forces and dares itself to reach beyond its walls and be that hope of the Infant Jesus, even if in just small, local ways. All too often we have seen Church as rich and secure in its physical existence and comfortable in its present form. This is not the Jesus’ church of the stable that we’re all called to embrace. 

We must be a Church that dares to reach beyond the secure and comfortable and be a Church that questions the values of its society, even at its own risk and not to just cause trouble, but to challenge people in the true and undefiled message of the Infant Jesus.

Our peace this Christmas must, then, be based on real action, it must be, not just another empty statement of lovely words, but rather a notice that we will not stand for just the status quo, but that the status quo must be revolutionized and evolutionized, even in the smallest and seemingly insignificant ways.

Let us pray that as we come up on next Christmas’ Season, that we will be able to look back and see the challenge of the Christian Gospel being actualized amongst us. And let us pray that next year’s peace will be more than just a Pax Americana, and more a Pax Christiana. So let us make our Christmas commitment today, praying that we can and will make a difference in our world, if only in our neighborhoods.

To all, have a holy and serene Christmas. May the blessings of our Infant Jesus be yours in the year ahead.