St. Dorothy Catholic Community Orlando/Winter Park, Florida
Any special needs?  Jesus told us to pray for them, and the Heavenly Father will give us the Holy Spirit, and will answer our prayers, not always in the way we want, but in the way that is best for us.  So you are invited to submit your prayer requests for this page to Requests will remain on this page for one month or until you let us know that your prayer has been answered.
Let us Pray

  • The Victims and families of the Pulse Nightclub massacre. That peace and consolation be with them at this time.
  • For the country of Venezuela and the victims of the communist regime
  • For the people of Puerto Rico and other islands affected by Hurricane Maria
  • For Debranne and Johnny as the start a new chapter in Silver Springs, MD
  • For those who died and for those rebuilding from the earthquake in Mexico City
  • For Fr. Ed Cejka as he undergoes Chemo for a tumor
  • For John V that the Lord will give him the needed strength to get through some emotional/family issues
  • For Leslie and Billy as they deal with personal/emotional issues
  • For Scottie and his brother Tim as they move to Buffalo on a new chapter in their lives
  • For Carol Cole, Mike Tate, Marion Buckingham, Fr. Anthony Borka, Joel Passmore, Robert & Ann Hildreth, Patty Sprague & Fr. Jim Profirio-Bond that the Lord will grant them a speedy and fruitful recovery from their respective illnesses
  • Repose of the soul of Walter Keymont father of Fr. Walter Keymont, a classmate of Fr. Jim's from St. John's Seminary
  • For Michael Blaum as he struggles with some business issues
  • For Sean L and Sean S and Matt E who are dealing with personal issues at this time
  • For Jane as she mourns the loss of her husband Jim and for Jim's family
  • For the repose of the sould of Rev. Kevin Duggan who died on July 7. He was a classmate of Fr. Jim's
  • For the family of Richard Bannister and his partner Michael O'Shea as they mourn Richard's passing
  • Sister of Joel Passmore, Loretta
  • For the family of Brian Leathers and for Michael as they mourn Brian's sudden death
  • For Kathleen and Diana who are facing health challenges
  • For an increase of vocations to the NCCNA. That many will listen to the Lord's call to "Come follow me."
  • For our national, state and local leaders, that they never lose sight that they are to serve the people with justice and dignity
  • For those serving in all the branches of the service who give of themselves daily in order to protect our freedoms
  • For the Bishop of Rome, Francis
  • For Robert Goudon, a Shell Vacations Club member who is ill
  • For Danelle Hunter and Asia Black who is struggling with some issues affecting her health and well being