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St. Dorothy Catholic Community Orlando/Winter Park, Florida
 Any special needs?  Jesus told us to pray for them, and the Heavenly Father will give us the Holy Spirit, and will answer our prayers, not always in the way we want, but in the way that is best for us.  So you are invited to submit your prayer requests for this page to frjim@stdorothycatholiccommunity.org. Requests will remain on this page for one month or until you let us know that your prayer has been answered.
Let us Pray

  • Kerwin & his boyfriend with medical issues
  • For John Sebring's mom who is recooping from heart valve replacement
  • For Uncle Rudolph who passed on 6/13 and his family 
  • For Marion, wife of Elaine who is experience some health issues
  • For the family and friends of Bishop Terry Villaire who passed on May 6
  • For Todd whose husband Glenn passed this passed week and also for the repose of the soul of Steve a friend of Jackie's who also passed this week
  • For the family and friends of Jesse Duke as he is now home with Jesus 
  • Mark Reddaway seeks prayers for Josh, a homeless alcoholic who is awaiting test results to see if he has testicular cancer & also for Mark himself as he decides what to do and where to go after his home sells!
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Rev. Jane's Sister-In-Law, Eileen, who was told that she did not need any additonal chemotherapy treatments for her cancer at this time.
  • For those medical personnel, first responders and essential personnel who are dealing with the CoronaVirus patients/testing, etc.
  • For Eileen Bagnoli who is having chemotherapy treatments for her cancer
  • For those who have contracted CoronaVirus and those who have died due to the CoronaVirus
  • For those who will lose jobs /be furloughed due to the CoronaVirus pandemic that they receive the temporary assistance that they will need at this time for themselves and their families.
  • For the leadership, workers and clients of Lighthouse/LighthouseWorks, that Jesus may fill them with many blessings for the help, life, jobs and self esteem to the many they encounter.
  • Prayers for Kelem Fabrice for a job. Also blessings on his family and free from illness and badluck.
  • For Miss Vicki and her daughter Britney, that the Redeemer will look over Britney as she ventures to be on her own with her baby and that peace will come to Miss Vicki
  • For Jackie and her petitions regarding work and personal
  • For Little Richard who had gastric bypass surgery 
  • For Ray's uncle Johnny Wasdin who has throat cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy
  • For Fr. Jim's friend Jonny who has intestinal cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy
  • That all mass shootings will stop and our governmental leaders do the correct thing in protecting the citizens
  • For Taalor Nixon de'Souza who is pregnant and having complications
  • For Michael who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer
  • For Bishop Joseph Finnegan
  • For Debbie, the wife of Sr. Michelle as she is battling heart issues and recently received a pacemaker and had an amputation of her leg.  
  • For the country of Venezuela and the victims of the communist regime
  • For the country of Syria and its people who are suffering at the hands of its government and for all Christians in the Middle East who are suffering and being murdered due to their faith
  • For Corey, Miguel, Fr. Jim, Leslie and Billy as they deal with personal/emotional issues 
  • For Philippe Valverde, Mike Tate, Marion Buckingham, Fr. Anthony Borka, Robert & Ann Hildreth, Patty Sprague & Fr. Jim Profirio-Bond, Joel Passmore, Fr. Ed Cejka that the Lord will grant them a speedy and fruitful recovery from their respective illnesses
  • For Alex D, Sean L and Sean S and Matt E who are dealing with personal issues at this time
  • For Kathleen and Diana who are facing health challenges
  • For an increase of vocations to the NCCNA. That many will listen to the Lord's call to "Come follow me." 
  • For our national, state and local leaders, that they never lose sight that they are to serve the people with justice and dignity
  • For those serving in all the branches of the service who give of themselves daily in order to protect our freedoms
  • For the Bishop of Rome, Francis and Bishop of Orlando, John
  • For Danelle Hunter and Asia Black who are struggling with some issues affecting their health and well being