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Father James F. Profirio-Bond, OFJ

Presiding Bishop Most Rev. Thomas Sterner
305-896-1166 (Cell)

Rev. Deacon Thomas Rowlands                   
Associate Pastor

National Catholic Church of North America
Mary, Mother of Hope, Diocese


Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest - Leaders

Jane Audrey-Neuhauser
Rev. Deacon Thomas Rowlands
Matthew Emery
Debranne Lehman
Jacqueline Stealey
Sandy Wainman

St. Dorothy Catholic Community Orlando/Winter Park, Florida
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Marriages, Baptisms, Confession, and Anointing of the Sick may be arranged by contacting either one of the Priests/Deacon for Weddings, and Baptisms. Please see last tab on top for "Celebrating the Sacraments".

By celebrating New Life in Christ Jesus as resurrection people We:
  • Proclaim the Good News of Christ Jesus
  • Celebrate sacramental life in a way that is healing and life giving
  • Witness God's love

By living the Good News of Christ Jesus, We:
  • Acknowledge the dignity of all people
  • Address the spiritual and corporal needs of God's people
  • Enact the social Gospel by seeking peace and justice

By building Faith Communities, and developing ministries, We:
  • Will be leaders who are bold, courageous, commited
  • Will be visible in the Community
  • Will lead by example
  • Will promote communication

By engaging in honest and open dialog, We:
  • Will listen to each other in the Holy Spirit
  • Will respect other faiths and acknowledge that God speaks in many voices
  • Will build relationships within our community and within our leadership
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