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St. Dorothy Catholic Community Orlando/Winter Park, Florida
A Partnership to assist Homeless Families, Title I Families and the Marginalized 
What is it about?

 The Crock Pot Ministry is one where the goal is to assist homeless families, Title 1 families and the marginalized to stretch their EBT funds and eat a more nutritious style using a crock pot and inexpensive recipes. It is a joint collaboration between: St. Dorothy Catholic Community and Orange County Public Schools-McKinney Vento Program.

How is it structured?

 Families and Hotels will be identified through OCPS and through various agencies (ex: Harbor House and Zebra Coalition) St. Dorothy Catholic Community (SDCC) will notify the families of a day/time that a one hour class will be given to those who desire to better their EBT finances and eat more nutritionally. A teaching team from SDCC will go either to the hotel to present the class or other agreed upon location. It is a give and take style class. At the end of the class, each family who participates will receive a copy of the slides presented at the course, a book of suggested recipes that have been developed from various sources including students attending Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Orlando and a registered dietitian, and lastly their own new Crockpot.
 Follow up will be required by the families on a quarterly basis.

How can I help?

 There are many ways to help in this ministry. Let it be known that this is NOT exclusive to members of St. Dorothy Catholic Community but also open to ALL people who would like to assist.
Be a teacher to the homeless (may teach alone/teams, training will be provided)
Obtain the crock pots for distribution (seeking NEW crock pots, use your imagination: challenge the businesses you frequent to have a contest amongst hairdressers, fraternal organizations, where you work, etc. the possibilities are endless. SDCC is a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax deductable.
Help schedule and advertise the class at the various hotels
Help with PR for the Ministry through Print, Internet, Television avenues 
Be a grant searcher/writer to seek the funds to keep this ministry afloat

What are you seeking in the "teachers"?

 We are seeking people with a huge heart. We are seeking people who would like to be part of the process to assist homeless families on the road to self-sufficiency. No prior teaching experience needed. All teachers will be trained by Fr. Jim. Teaching schedules will be developed keeping in mind the time schedule and availability of the given teacher.
 The only commitment needed/sought is a commitment to serve as YOUR schedule permits. Thus the reason why we are seeking as many teachers as possible.

Powerpoint Video Used in the Class (Narated Version for Teach the Teacher)

https://youtu.be/hHF4DEZbhH4  (Copy and Paste)

If interested/have questions ???? 
Contact: Fr. Jim Profirio-Bond @ jprofirio3@gmail.com.com or at 813-361-7109.